Scoop FAQ's

Our most frequently asked questions.

How long have you been doing this?

The company was first established in 1983 as a summer dairy bar. We introduced our mobile service in 1992 and it became our only service when a fire destroyed the dairy bar in 2003.

What areas in and around Montreal do you service?

Greater Montreal, Laval and the South Shore. Though our preferred trading area is the West Island where we are based. We have gone to areas off island requiring greater travel time. These can be considered subject to the size of event (never less than 100 guests) plus incremental travel and time costs being covered.

How many can you serve?

Approximately 100-150 adults per hour. Or 90-125 kids in the same time frame. The largest all-day event we have ever done was approximately 1443 ice cream lovers. Typically we serve 125-250 people at a corporate picnic type event.

What do you need from the event organizer?

A simple contract to book the event. Then a location large enough to accommodate our 14’ trailer, truck and tent – with room for line-ups. A nearby electrical plug would be perfect. We supply our own extension cords. If electricity isn’t possible, we do have a backup generator.

Do guests pay for their own cone?

No money is exchanged with guests at corporate events or private parties. All servings are contracted in advance and reconciled with the client at the end of the event.

Does your quote include taxes?

No, prices are net before tax.

How do I pay Pickrell’s for their service?

We accept personal or business cheques or cash. We do not use debit or credit cards.

Do I need permission for Pickrell’s to sell on public property?

If the event is on public property, the customer needs permission and appropriate municipal or provincial permits to sell on public property. Private events on private or company property do not require permits. We are a licensed Quebec company.

Do you serve soft ice cream?

No, just hard ice cream in a variety of flavours. Served in a cone or a cup. With a smile.

Do you rent ice cream machines?

No. We provide a complete and on site hard ice cream service including friendly staffing, ice cream, cones, cups, utensils, napkins etc. It is a complete turnkey service offering.

Do you make your own ice cream?

No. We work closely with Nestle, one of the largest producers of ice cream in the world. And our supplier since 1983.

Can I choose my own flavours?

Yes to a point. We carry all the popular flavours. We also keep pace with the latest ice cream trends and adjust our service offerings as needed. Just ask us and we will help you create a perfect menu for your event.

Is your ice cream Kosher?


Do you work strictly during the day?

Most of our events are during the day but if we are available we have served late afternoon or evening events.

Do you do more than one event per day?

It all depends on the size, location and time between events. If at all possible we can do up to two events a day.

How many flavours do you carry?

We usually have over 20 flavours available – most certainly in peak ice cream season. Our most popular flavours are available in our serving freezer at all times. More exotic flavours may or may not be in stock during the beginning and end of the season.

Should I be concerned if anyone has peanut allergies?

It is always good to let us know your situation so we can be best prepared to serve you. For example we will arrange our freezer so there is a reduced risk of nut flavours touching non-nut flavours. We would also use separate serving utensils to avoid the same problem. Having said that we need to advise customers that our supplier does not guarantee that no nut residue exists in any flavour of ice cream.

Do you dress up in a clown outfit?

No. We have been kidded about having too much fun at ice cream events. But we do take our business seriously particularly – when it comes to food hygiene.

What precautions do you take from a hygiene standpoint?

Our trailer is always spotless and we have always passed any inspection. We practice proper food service hygiene with soap, water and hand sanitizers on site. All staff wear head covers and aprons. Plus, we are never exchanging money at private or corporate events.


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